“Towards AMIEX 2014”: opening workshop of the first international exhibition exchange


To mark the approach to AMIEX (Art & Museum International Exhibition Exchange),  the first international exhibitions exchange which is starting in Turin on the 11th-12th of March 2014, the opening workshop “Towards AMIEX” was held at Lingotto Centre on Thursday, the 7th of November 2013, at 3.30 P.M.

Oval Lingotto Fairs

Oval Lingotto Fairs

AMIEX is the first European marketplace where Business and Culture meet for the development, the exchange and the co-production of exhibitions and cultural events. The event buds from the consideration that in Italy the extraordinary richness of culture is not yet exploited enough. AMIEX is therefore a place where cultural heritage and related services get to be known and disseminated, for unlocking their economic potential.

The 7th of November’s workshop was introduced by Patrizia Asproni, President of Industry and Culture Foundation and AMIEX promoter. To follow, the interventions of Fabio Achilli, Director of Venice’s Foundation, and Guido Guerzoni, CEO of Polymnia Venezia, who previewed some data of the recent investigation on 2012’s trend of the exhibitions market in Italy and Europe; the full survey is being presented on occasion of AMIEX 2014. The international point of view was presented by Carina Jaatinen, Director of the Finnish Espoo City Museum and President of the International Committee of Exhibition and Exchange of ICOM (International Council of Museums – AMIEX partner); Jaatinen highlighted the mission and the Committee international activities: an out-and-out forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences about all sides of the exhibition, from development to dissemination to projects and best practices’ exchange.

The partaking in the workshop “Towards AMIEX 2014” was reserved to the culture operators and free upon registration within the 4th of November, at segreteria@artmuseumex.com . At the end of the workshop, the attendees had the opportunity to take part in the inauguration of Artissima, one of the most important fairs of contemporary art.

AMIEX is promoted by Industry and Culture Foundation and organized by GL events Italia-Lingotto Fiere and Turin’s Council. It is patrocinated by: Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Foreign Ministry, Business Development Ministry, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turin City, ENIT, Britsh Council, Embassy of the Netherlands, GAI (Giovani Artisti Italiani – Young Italian Artists).


Workshop “Towards AMIEX 2014”, 7th of November 2014, h. 15,30-17,30

Meeting Point: Oval, Lingotto Fiere

Pedestrian entrance: Via Nizza 294, Turin

Cars entrance: Via Nizza 230/280, Turin


For more information:

view the event published by digitalmeetsculture.net to announce AMIEX 2014 here  


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