10th Art: The Lion King powered by 3D


One of the most famous Walt Disney movie, world-widely known and appreciated as a masterpiece, comes back to the widescreens in a brand new 3D version, which will for sure delight both families with children and animation-addicted fans!

In 1994 The Lion King was released to cinemas and got a huge world-wide success, thanks to a beautiful, powerful story, strong characters, amazing songs written by Sir Elton John, and innovative animation. 2 Awards and one Golden Globe are the small evidence of its success and artistic value.

But let’s start from the beginning:

in the far-away 1990s, when animation was still mostly hand-made and hand-drawn by thousands of artists and painters, and the use of digital techniques was almost an experiment, an unknown pioneer-company (its name… well… it was Pixar Animation Studios!) was involved in the major Walt Disney’s production The Lion King, to help the animation of the key-scene of wildebeests charge.

Several gnus were reproduced and digitally built with 3D techniques, multiplied to thousands and  moved at random down to the valley, to simulate the chaotic run of the herd.

The 3D scene in the movie is only a couple of minutes long, but it took 2 years and 5 dedicated animators and technicians to be finished; it was successfully integrated in the 2D movie and the final result amazed everybody.

After many years, Walt Disney Pictures is remaking 5 of its blockbusters – the Lion King is only the first step of the project – with new 3D techniques, not losing the original charm and look of the movie because involving the original animation team, in order to re-study and decide accordingly about the countless possible creative choices of 3D review.

3D theatres represent the future of the cinema and 3D animation is of course the unavoidable development of cartoons, and it becomes more and more refined and advanced, movie after movie.

Therefore we look forward to see how innovative, thus trusted, 3D technology will update and enrich such pieces of classical movie art as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, and the most recent Monsters & Co., and Finding Nemo.


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