The Curse of the Sad Mummy, by Shy the Sun


Take a look at Shy the Sun’s latest project, “The Curse of the Sad Mummy”, a short film created for Riot Games. It has already had around 5.000.000 hits so far and is climbing! Shy The Sun is known for its fantastical character design and attention to detail in their work, creating magical worlds. Not to miss.



Shy the Sun is rooted in an environment of passion for animation and an approach that is well beyond the ordinary. Borne out of a desire to knot animation and the arts, Shy the Sun is passionate about the power of narrative and the visual feast of fantastical worlds and endearing characters that are developed through a dynamic process of storytelling. With each project Shy the Sun tries something new and challenging. Its wildly inventive and lavishly detailed pieces are celebrated for their ability to capture the imagination of all viewers, young and old. Shy the Sun strongly believes in a dynamic relationship between client, agency and resource and is dedicated to the delivery of unique and challenging work.

Shy the Sun’s services include illustration, character design, animation, live action, games and interactive installations.



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